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Founded in 2006, Aurum Private Capital is a privately owned Investment Company based in New Jersey. catering to the needs of single-family offices and wealthy families. We are a “conflict-of-interest” free firm that provides tailor-made solutions to clients. With its objectivity, extensive expertise and close attention to detail, we are committed to helping each client achieve its specific needs.

  • Comprehensive Wealth Management
  • Monthly Passive Income
  • Retirement Planning
  • Legacy Estate Planning

Our approach is Personal. We live and work close to our clients. We know their culture and language. We are our clients’ one point of contact – their trusted advisor, making an entire career out of managing their wealth and preparing it for the next generation. This level of service simplifies our clients’ lives and provides continuity and peace of mind.

Our hallmarks are portfolio transparency and above all personalized wealth management, with a bespoke investment approach defined for each client.

Our focus is always on our clients, and it is important for us to share our values with them so we can build a long-term relationship together.

These core values have shaped our company and will do so for many more decades to come.

Stay Safe from scams

Preventing fraud is crucial when it comes to investing, as it helps protect investors and maintain the integrity of the financial markets. Here is a detailed write-up on how to prevent fraud when investing:


At Aurum Capital we use the Reverse Engineering technique to dissect financial products & investment strategies to understand their underlying principles and components before makeing informed decisions. Reverse Engineering can help minimize risk considerations by

Understanding Financial Products:

Reverse engineering helps analysts deconstruct financial products by assessing their risk-return profiles to evaluate their suitability for investment.

Investment Strategies:

By studying their historical performance, risk management techniques, and asset allocation, reverse engineering helps analysts with identifying factors that drive growth and adapt them to their own approach.

Market Behavior:

Reverse engineering helps analysts understand market trends, the impact of economic indicators, and potential opportunities or risks and evaluate suitability for investment.

Improving Strategies and Products:

By deconstructing existing financial products or strategies, Reverse Engineering can help analysts identify innovative investment approaches.

Risk Considerations:

Reverse engineering helps analysts minimise risk by providing a comprehensive understanding of financial products and strategies. It helps identify and mitigate risks, conduct scenario analysis, stress test for resilience, and encourages continuous improvement.

Why choose us?

When it comes to money matters, you want peace of mind. You want to know that your wealth is well looked after at every stage of your life. That’s where we can help. We’ve helped our customers grow, protect, enjoy, and pass on their wealth. And we’ve achieved this based on three very simple benefits that we offer our customers.


We believe in the value of Reverse Engineering Investment Strategy. Our flexible investment solutions ensuring they’re the right choice based on your needs and goals.

Always accessible:

Your terms: Our advisors work with you virtually and inperson. On your schedule. On your terms.
Personal: You’re more than a number. We build real relationships with clients so we can act in your best interest.

Cutting Edge Technology:

Informative: Intuitive reporting and updates keep you in the know.
Modern: We rely on the latest technology to communicate and connect with our clients.

Ethics and approach:

Our guiding principles are Independence, Integrity and Personal service.
Personal: Our approach is Personal. We live and work close to our clients.


Our vision is to be the leading wealth management firm in the United States, known for our commitment to personalized service, innovation, and integrity. We strive to help our clients achieve their financial goals and secure their future, by providing comprehensive solutions that are tailored to their unique needs


Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality wealth management services, delivered with professionalism, expertise, and care. We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients, based on trust, transparency, and open communication. We aim to help our clients achieve their financial goals by providing customized solutions that are designed to grow and protect their wealth over time


At Aurum Private Capital LLC, we are guided by the following core values:Integrity: We uphold the highest ethical standards and act with honesty, transparency, and accountability in all our dealings with clients and partners.


We uphold the highest ethical standards and act with honesty, transparency, and accountability in all our dealings with clients and partners.


We put our clients first, and strive to provide them with personalized solutions that meet their unique needs and objectives.


We bring deep industry knowledge and experience to bear in every aspect of our work, to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.


We are committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and technology, to continuously improve our services and deliver greater value to our clients


We work collaboratively, both within our team and with our clients and partners, to achieve shared goals and maximize success